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Alia Rasul

Alia is a Canadian Comedy Award nominated writer/performer. She received rave reviews for her performance in Generally Hospital whose “outstanding ensemble” won Patron’s Pick and the David Séguin Memorial Award.  She understudied for 2 seasons of Second City’s Mainstage award-winning show, She The People. She is a NBCUniversal Bob Curry Fellowship alumni and holds a BA from McGill University. She made her directorial debut with Kwento, an improvised Filipino folktale. She is currently inclusion director at Bad Dog Theatre. I love you, mom! @aliarasul

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  • Sep 21 2020

    Ep. 251 – Alia Rasul and Isabel Zaw-Tun (Live!)

    Today on Spooked! We go into a deep dive about ghosts and Damien isn't there to poo-poo on their parade. It's a spooky live time, so get your tickets, tip the bartender, and get ready to get Spooked!
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  • Mar 04 2019

    37 – Most Popular Kid In School

    In this episode, we are joined by Isabel Kanaan and Alia Rasul to discuss the wish, "I wish I was the most popular guy in school" The discussion that follows covers going clubs, winning over teachers and man-slaughter.
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  • Jan 07 2019

    29 – Visit Any Time

    We are joined by Isabel Kanaan and Alia Rasul to discuss the wish, "I wish I could visit any time." The discussion that follows covers oysters vs. peanut butter, quarks with personality, and the most annoying person history never recorded.
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  • Oct 01 2018

    18 – Shapeshifting

    In this episode, we are joined by Alia Rasul and Isabel Kanaan to discuss the wish "Shapeshifting. I'd waste it on making the perfect cosplays every time." The discussion that follows explores never acting in sequels, impersonating world leaders, and...
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  • Sep 28 2018

    Linkedin: for professional singles | Fckgirls Ep. 7

    This one is fueled by not quite enough sleep and too much laughter. We are joined by comedian Alia Rasul, and talk meeting people on linkedin and the fact that Alia would rather have a buisness meeting than a date.
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