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  • Nov 15 2020

    Live on Bad Dog TV with Amanda Pereira

    This week is the Bad Dog live stream with Amanda Pereira. Listen along as Erin and Amanda interact with listeners, read each other's sex toy tarot, and guess what some kooky kink toys are for.
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  • Oct 21 2020

    Amanda Pereira

    This week Tricia sits down with actor, writer, and host of The Liquid Courage Podcast, Amanda Pereira. Over a glass of Rosè and a cocktail Tricia created (is it good? who knows), they chat about dreams, aliens, and therapy!
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  • May 19 2020

    3.06 End Of Game with Amanda Pereira

    Kristy and special guest Amanda Pereira break down Killing Eve Season three, episode six- End Of Game. Is Irina a baby Villanelle in training? Plus Eve and Dasha go bowling, and Carolyn is reminded to trust no one. 
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