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  • Oct 30 2020

    Andy Assaf and Pocket Sheriff

    Candidate for President of the United Boat Dealers Association of Mississauga Randy Schwartzberger (Andy Assaf) has found the body of his rival upon their houseboat.
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  • Oct 06 2020

    The Lodge

    It's Riley's (Andy Assaf) weekend with his dad, Bort (Johan DeNora) and the two were suppose to spend the time doing a little father-son bonding, until disaster left them snowed in with no way out.
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  • Aug 23 2019

    Andy Assaf And Darryl

    Andy Assaf is a professional ultimate frisbee player. When he finds his teammate dead in the Rogers Centre locker room, suspicions quickly turn to the rival team. He also brags about his landlord dad.
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