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  • Oct 08 2020

    Episode 7.167: Adam Christie & Antony Hall

    Lakers are up 3-1, which means the playoffs are almost over, which means our season 07 finale is next week! But first, let's take your favourite Raptor to a Toronto park for day.
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  • Sep 22 2020

    The Bowling Alley

    Mr. Georgess (Ryan Sheedy) and his new trainee Martin (Antony Hall) are in for a weird day when the ghost of a past bowler starts to act up.
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  • Aug 18 2020

    Episode 7.160: Antony Hall & Matt McCready

    The playoffs are back! The Raptors start off the Brooklyn series with a commanding 134-110 win. Thoughts, worries, laughs and more!
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  • Aug 03 2020

    Kazaam (1996)

    I'm joined by Korri Birch and Antony Hall to watch a film starring Shaq as a genie and a small child as the least likable main character ever, featuring a lot of bad rapping. It's Kazzam (1996)!
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  • Jun 22 2020

    Ep. 242 – Antony Hall

    The Spooky Respected Today on Spooked! Cody learns how to putt, Damien is a beverage connoisseur, and Antony has been real tired. It's all about winning the PGA tour, so get your clubs, brush up on your drive, and get...
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  • Jun 12 2020

    Episode 7.152: Yaw Attuah & Antony Hall

    We hope everyone is doing okay during this difficult time. We took last week off and may take more time off in the future if we feel like our voices are inappropriate. Quickish Questions and some thoughtful discussions with Yaw...
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  • May 13 2020

    Episode 7.149: Antony Hall & Thomas Rivas

    Episodes 07 and 08 of The Last Dance aired and we’ll continue to relate our content to the doc! Quickish questions! With Antony Hall and Thomas Rivas.
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  • Jan 06 2020

    66 – Know What They Mean

    In this episode, we are joined by Carley Thorne and Antony Hall to discuss the wish, "I wish I always understoon what people meant." The discussion that follows covers politians, football, and Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.
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  • Dec 03 2019

    Episode 7.128: Antony Hall & Alex Wood

    What team is the most shocking, good or bad? No coach was fired so far. Is that an NBA record? Who gets fired first? The drop-off in the East is huge. Do any of those teams not suck? Quickish Questions!...
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  • Nov 18 2019

    61 – Fill Any Cup

    In this episode, we are joined by Carley Thorne and Antony Hall to discuss the wish, "I wish I could fill any glass with any drink." The discussion that follows covers blue Gatorade, drinking excretions, and which drugs are funny.
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  • Sep 12 2019

    Episode 120: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Antony Hall & Cathryn Naiker

    It’s that time of year again. Sports Illustrated has released their top 100 NBA’ers and we of course have some feelings about how our Raptors have made the list. What was Masai’s worst move as GM/President? Special guests Antony Hall...
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  • Jul 31 2019

    Episode 116: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Cathryn Naiker, Ned Petrie & Antony Hall

    Freddie’s back from JFL and he’s all torn up and ready to talk some Raps! We bring you a slightly janky time with all the good talking points. Special guests on this episode: Cathryn Naiker, Ned Petrie and Antony Hall!
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  • Jul 30 2019

    Episode 31 – Warrior w/ Antony Hall

    We watch the UFC movie about fighting brothers with Ming's Dynasty's Antony Hall. We talk republican movies, woman in movies, and telling your own story. This is a good one!
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