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Becca Friesen

Appeared on

  • Mar 09 2022

    Bonus Episode: The Fentonator

    Every brilliant mind faces some opposition at the start. In this very special bonus, we take a peek at young Fenton Kwan’s infamous appearance at the Youth of Tomorrow science and technology summit.
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  • Mar 02 2022

    Episode 6: Abandonware

    The team has an important decision to make: Save the world or rebuild from its ashes.
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  • Feb 02 2022

    Episode 2: Organic Content

    Ying must infiltrate an anti-tech cult that hoards Kuju parts without sacrificing Luna.
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  • Jan 26 2022

    Episode 1: Disruptor

    Ying sets off to find a replacement part for the Kuju that runs her Granny’s life support machine.
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  • Dec 07 2015

    Ep. 11 Rebecca Friesen

    The Spooky Boxers! On this week's Spooked, Cody has dick and ball problems, Nigel gets in touch with his inner canine, Damien plays a blatant stereotype, and Rebecca Friesen (Avenue Q, Vampires Anonymous) reminds us why celebrities do drugs. What...
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