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Belinda Corpuz

Belinda Corpuz is a Toronto-based, Filipina-Canadian actor, musician, singer/songwriter and composer. Her EP, All I Am, has garnered national radio-play, including an exclusive feature on CBC Radio’s Fresh Air. Belinda is a member of award-winning group, the Tita Collective. This past year she worked as the assistant sound designer for multi-Dora nominated production, Eraser. Belinda holds a BMus in Performance - Jazz Voice from the University of Toronto-Faculty of Music. www.belindacorpuz.com Selected Theatre: Hilot Means Healer (Cahoots/bcurrent), Tita Jokes (Tita Collective, 2019 Toronto Fringe), Prairie Nurse (Factory Theatre/TIP), Lighters in the Air (2018 Toronto Fringe) Film: Lola’s Wake (CFC), Jezebel (Reel Asian International Film Festival), Clown Killer (Wattpad/Cinecoup, featured in the Toronto After Dark Festival) Upcoming: Lady Sunrise (Factory Theatre), All the Little Animals I Have Eaten (Nightwood)

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  • Dec 21 2021

    S05E06: 5 Things w/ Alia Rasul

    Host Alia Ceniza Rasul (The Tita Collective), sits down with a different comedian each week and asks them 5 THINGS about their art, work, and life. Listen to the stories behind the people and the jokes. This weeks episode features...
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  • Feb 24 2020

    73 – Materialize Anything

    In this episode, we are joined by Cody Crain and Belinda Corpuz to discuss the wish "I wish I could materialize anything." The discussion that follows covers going to the bathroom, personalized stationary, and Cats on Blu-ray.
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  • Jan 13 2020

    67 – Perfect Greeting

    In this episode, we are joined by Cody Crain and Belinda Corpuz to discuss a wish about not messing up handshakes. The discussion that follows covers misheard names, hugs from behind, and kissing your family right on the mouth.
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  • Jul 09 2018

    Ep. 144 – Belinda Corpuz and Raechel Fisher

    The Spooky Sarcastic Today on Spooked! Colin gets tossed from a window, Cody takes advantage of squatters rights, Damien doesn't know what to do with the lobsters, Belinda is named after a hardware store, and Raechel wants nothing more than...
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