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  • May 20 2020

    Episode 7.150: Dylan Gott & Bobby Brown

    It’s been a fun five weeks watching The Last Dance. It gave us the basketball content we so desperately needed during this ongoing crisis and we’re grateful for it. And now it’s over! With Dylan Gott and Bobby Brown.
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  • Apr 17 2019

    Episode 6.104: Bobby Brown & Tristan Douglas

    Is that the most impressive playoff performance ever from a Raptor? We talk favourite Kawhi moments in game 02. A tight loss then a historic blowout win: Is your faith restored and what’s the key to winning the series? Bobby...
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  • Dec 06 2018

    Episode 6.88: Alex Wood & Bobby Brown

    Raptors are facing Philly with a 20-5 record. It's RAPTORS ESPN DAY. Is it all you ever wanted? Is Kyle being Kyle or more? Kawhi has a New Balance on life! Quickish Questions, Tell me Something Segments... With special guests...
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  • Apr 27 2018

    Episode 5.62: Alex Pavone, Bobby Brown & Nigel Downer

    Ep 62, come breathe a sigh of relief with us after the Raptors took a 3-2 lead Wednesday night. Lots of Raptors playoff talk (DeMar is Neo now, Ibaka our 3rd best player? Special guests: Alex Pavone, Bobby Brown and...
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