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Caleigh Le Grand

 Caleigh Le Grand is an actor/writer/ producer/photographer living in Toronto. She grew up playing in the world of theatre and earned her Honours and Specialization in Media Information Technoculture and her Level II Writer’s Certificate alongside her studies in Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. After university, she delved into a myriad of occupations - ranging from fashion and lifestyle PR to teaching RPM classes at Goodlife to flying around the world as a flight attendant with Air Canada - later grounding herself with acting in film, television and improvisational theatre.​

As a writer, Le Grand began her career in journalism, writing for The Barrie Examiner, and has since worked in the public relations, online magazine, and advertising sectors and continues to contribute her freelance writing to publications such as Dynamik Magazine, Amy Sky’s Alive & Awake, and Comedy Uncovered. She now centralizes her writing endeavours in the entertainment industry as a stage- and screenwriter.

Le Grand can be found regularly on stage at Toronto comedy venues, including Comedy Bar, Second City's John Candy Box Theatre, Bad Dog Theatre and Social Capital Theatre. Her film and television work can be found on imDb.


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  • May 03 2020

    Caleigh Le Grand & Justin Van Lieshout

    This episode, Erin Skypes with fellow Sonar podcasters Caleigh and Justin. Listen along as these three talk about sex in media, the art of the dick pic, and of course, their fantastic podcast We're Totally (Not) OK.
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  • Oct 22 2018

    21 – Lifeless Things To Life

    In this episode, we are joined by Caleigh Le Grand and Carmine Lucarelli to discuss the wish, "I wish I could bring lifeless things to life" The discussion that follows covers baby mops, Disney princesses, and a rock named Chad.
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  • Sep 10 2018

    15 – Best In Softball Beer League

    In this episode, Carmine Lucarelli and Caleigh LeGrand to discuss the wish, "I'd wish for the ability to be the best player in my beer league slowpitch league." The discussion that follows comedy scouts, talking to a diary, and a...
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  • Jul 16 2018

    07 – Read Minds

    In this episode, we are joined by Caleigh Le Grand and Carmine Lucarelli to discuss the wish, "I want to be able to read minds." The discussion that follows has multiple TV show pilots, an exploration of self-doubt,  and Maddox revealing...
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  • May 28 2018

    Ep. 138 – Caleigh Le Grand

    The Spooky Apollo Capsule Today on Spooked! Cody is a somewhat famous cartoon, Damien is a large space rock, Colin gets his blub on, and Caleigh wants to start a theatre troupe. We head through intergalactic customs today, so grab...
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