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  • Sep 07 2020

    Ep. 250 – Spooktacular Year 5 Pt. 4

    Today on Spooked! It's our five year anniversary (still!) and we're keeping that gravy train rolling! We've got an episode for each year of Spooked! So put the kids to bed, order in some takeout, and get ready to get...
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  • Aug 26 2019

    Ep. 200 – Spooktacular 4 Pt. 3

    Today on Spooked! It's our four year anniversary and we got more guests than you can shake a stick at! And here's the final part! It's a spooky celebration, so grab your Dracula costumes, get some punch, and get ready...
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  • Nov 05 2018

    Ep. 160 – Cameron Wyllie

    The Spooky Monastery Today on Spooked! Damien wants to know if you boys want some ice cold lemonade, Cody can’t get into Crazy Town, Colin tries to weasel out of a verbal contract, and Cameron keeps telling the story wrong....
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  • Dec 01 2017

    Cam Wyllie and Councilwoman McLennan

    When a city worker is found dead in the sewers, fellow municipal employee Spruce Dasani (Cam Wyllie), an anteater man in his anteater vaccuum truck, describes his journey down below. Winks are twitched. Doors are chosen. Clowns are accused.
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  • Dec 02 2016

    Cam Wyllie And Steven P

    Terrence V Meterologeist, a tv weatherman, is found crushed by a green screen (and then run through several plate glass windows). Documentarian Ken Salad (Cam Wyllie) was filming a doc on Terrence at the time, and shares his knowledge. Songs...
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