Carley Thorne
Carley Thorne is a Canadian Comedian, Writer, and Content Creator. She has amassed millions of views on her YouTube channel "uncarley" where she melds her interest in literature and comedy. Carley has also worked as an understudy for The Second City Family Company, and as a host for CBC's Recap, a media service created for and directed at a Gen Z audience. Carley is one half of the comedy duo Uber & Klonk, and together they have traveled across North America performing their sketch comedy special "I Be Like..." They were the recipients of the 2019 Best of the Festival Award at the Central Florida Sketch Comedy Festival.

Guest Appearances

Killed to Death (6)

Killed to Death
Jun 30 2023 Guest

Carley Thorne and Edward Hopper

Lenny Bruce (Carley Thorne) talks about his upcoming art exhibit full of paper mache presidents, his relation to the Plum family, how he's 12, the work of George W Bush, and finding his mentor Pablo Picasso dead.
Sep 16 2022 Guest

FanExpo with Carley Thorne

Anonymous actor John Doe (Carley Thorne) details their upcoming role in Stranger Things, as well as the body they found dead in a gas station. Recorded live at Canada FanExpo.
Mar 25 2022 Guest

Carley Thorne and Walter Cronkite

One of the roadies for The Beatles, Bones (Carley Thorne) has the unimaginable happen before their first reunion show - finding Paul McCartney with his brains "bashed out".
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