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  • Aug 24 2020

    Ep. 250 – Spooktacular 5 Pt. 2

    Today on Spooked! It's our five year anniversary and we've gone crazy with stories! It's part two of the celebration, so get your streamers, make some noise, and get ready to get Spooktaculared!
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  • Aug 02 2019

    A Hot Tub Salesman Helps Andy

    Rollie thinks a soak in a hot tub is the answer to Andy's problems, so he invites a hot tub salesman to the show.
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  • Jun 18 2019

    Former Lifeguard Chris Wilson

    Our guest is Chris Wilson, who stops by to complain about the noise and talk about Dear Evan Hansen, Super Mario, the Toronto Raptors and other topics also.
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  • Apr 08 2019

    12 – My First Time

    Lindsay and her guests chat about their first time experiences (sexual and otherwise). Guest include: Ryan Belleville, Sarah Stunt, Stacey McGunnigle, and Chris Wilson.
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  • Jan 03 2019

    Classic Moments VOL. 2

    Oh wow, it’s the second instalment of the show’s finest moments!
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  • Nov 15 2017

    The Lifeguard Chris Wilson

    Lifeguard Chris Wilson stops by to talk about what it’s like to work at the building’s notoriously filthy and dangerous pool!
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  • Jan 02 2017

    Ep. 65 Chris Wilson

    The Spooky Logger and Forrest Ranger Tonight on Spooked! Cody hasn’t learned the ropes yet, Damien lives in the trees, Kjartan has to contemplate shit, Kristy got separated from her group, Chris Wilson (Peter N' Chris) is a faithful wife,...
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  • Aug 26 2016

    Chris Wilson And Jacob G Gravedigger

    Gravedigger Jamison P. Gravedigger (Chris Wilson) had a corpse go missing from his plot of land/body pile, and the boys are brought in to investigate. While not technically solving a murder, as always, there's still plenty of talk of floating...
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