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  • Dec 20 2021

    Ep. 313 – Miracle on Chris-Marc 4th Street

    The Spooky Basement
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  • Dec 21 2020

    Ep. 264 – A Chris-Marc Miracle 3

    The Spooky LAN Party
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  • Dec 23 2019

    Ep. 217 – A Chris-Marc Miracle 2

    The Spooky Biosphere
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  • Jul 24 2017

    Ep. 94 Josh Cruddas

    The Spooky Workshop Today on Spooked! Cody just wants a bigger cut, Trevor is a little wooden, Colin was there the whole time, Chris sniffs some toes, and Josh is America's sweetheart. It's all bright lights and Hollywood films on...
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  • Sep 19 2016

    The 1 Year Anniversary Spooktacular! Pt. 2

    Are you guys ready for part two of our One Year Spooktacular? You better be! Part Two features; Raul Delgado, Clare McConnell, Tony Nappo, Chris Wilson, Dean Young, Briana Templeton, Gwynne Phillips, Mark Little, and Kevin Vidal! We round out...
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  • Jul 18 2016

    Ep. 42 Jake Epstein

    The Spooky Private Jet. On today's Spooked! Chris is Trevor who hate Russians, Damien is a Captain, Jake Epstein(Degrassi, Charlie Bartlett) converted to Judaism, Cody is Bane or something, Colin is confused. We go back in time a bunch today...
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  • Jun 06 2016

    Ep. 36 Kevin Vidal

    The Spooky Doctor And Assassin! On this week's Spooked! Cody needs his pills, Colin wants to buy a cookie platter, Damien isn't a doctor, Christopher Wilson takes care of things, and Kevin Vidal (Sunnyside, Second City MainStage) is a talk...
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  • May 30 2016

    Ep. 35 Eddie Glen

    The Spooky Cowboy! On this week's episode of Spooked! Colin is the worst kind of son, Cody tries to find exactly for whom the bell tolls, Damien identifies as a horse, Chris is the best action hero/governor, and Eddie Glen...
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  • Jan 25 2016

    Ep. 17 Doug Nyback

    The Spooky Abandoned! On this week's episode, Cody tries to watch his favourite program, Damien is rude to women, Doug Nyback's (Defiance, Incorporated) naivety gets him in trouble, and hey, Christopher Wilson is back! Also, Nigel is missing! Where did...
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  • Jan 11 2016

    Ep. 15 Jordan Brown

    The Spooky Slum Apartment! Hey gang, this week the Goobs go all out to ensure you get your daily recommended dosage of dick! Jordan Brown (Gone Tomorrow, Captive)pays for the cookies, Cody loses his wang, Nigel takes a power position...
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  • Oct 26 2015

    Ep. 5 Christopher Wilson

    The Spooky Mayor and Janitor! Let's make a deal! With the Devil! Tonight on Spooked! Nigel gets in touch with his feminine side, Damien lays his cards and his life down, Christopher Wilson (Captive, Gone Tomorrow) learns about the responsibility...
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