Cody Crain
Cody Crain is an actor/writer/comedian mostly known for auditioning and not getting the part. He is a graduate of Vancouver Film School and has performed all across Canada. I guess he helps make movies sometimes and was on set for the critically acclaimed and blockbuster smash hit movie Pixels.

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Para(normal) (8)

Dec 20 2022 Co-Host

A Very Haunted Holiday Wrap (Episode 159)

In this very haunted holiday wrap, we take a listen back at our favourite guest hauntings and psychic readings throughout 2022. Reveal in some spooks, some laughs, and some downright offensive introductions with Marie, Nicolina, and of course, Cody Crain.
Dec 06 2022 Co-Host

It’s Bradley, the Friendly Ghost! Re-Release (Episode 157)

On this highly celebrated Hometown Haunts episode, Nicolina and Cody welcome special guest Steffi Didomenicantonio on the show to share her spooky experiences, most notably with a "friendly" ghost named Bradley.
Oct 04 2022 Guest

The Frightening True Story Of The Winchester Mystery House (Episode 148)

Cody joins Nicolina for the first official spooky season episode of Para(normal). They read some scary accurate horoscopes, Nicolina shares the fascinating and haunting tale of The Winchester Mystery House, and they play an impassioned game of FMK.
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Break A Wish (7)

Break A Wish
May 11 2020 Guest

Into The Woods (2014)

Next in our movie review series is Into The Woods (2014) discussed with Clare Blackwood and Cody Crain. It's the musical that mashes a bunch of fairy tales together and all plot events occur "because magic!"
Apr 20 2020 Guest

81 – See The Spirit Realm

In this episode, we are joined by Cody Crain and Damien Doepping to discuss the wish "I wish I could see into the spirit realm" The discussion that follows covers dinosaur baking, ghost matchmaking, and the value of tips.
Mar 30 2020 Guest

78 – Necromancy

In this episode, we are joined by Cody Crain and Damien Doepping to discuss the wish "I wish I had the power of necromancy." The discussion that follows covers Brendan Fraser, skeleton upstairs neighbours, and multi-level marketing schemes.
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