Damien Doepping
Damien is a Toronto-based actor, writer, and sometimes comedian. He is the co-creator and co-host of the podcast Spooked! as well as writer and creator of the Bite on Mondo cartoon, Phil M.D. Damien has also performed in the Toronto Fringe Festival several times, including 2014’s If It’s Not Too Much Trouble by Trevor Poleman. He’ll be working with Trevor again in Summer 2016 on Myths And Coffee Cups. He has also appeared in the short film The Hollow Men. Damien attended Queen’s University, graduating with his BAH in Drama, then went on to complete the Comedy Writing and Performance program at Humber in 2015. There, he learned the fine art of potty-humor and how to write a good fart joke, although his professors may disagree. These skills, combined with a passing knowledge of theatre, his one man show, Farts My Father Told Me, will be premiering in the next couple of years, maybe. Damien currently lives in Toronto, ON. Alone. Well, he has roommates, but it just ain’t the same.

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