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  • Jan 17 2022

    EPISODE 15: Cryptocurrency with Devon Hyland

    WARNING: cryptocurrency not discussed until end of episode. Devon Hyland joins us to talk cilantro, why he never got braces, at what age his voiced deepened, and many other topics. He also tells us what it was like being our...
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  • Sep 07 2020

    Ep. 250 – Spooktacular Year 5 Pt. 4

    Today on Spooked! It's our five year anniversary (still!) and we're keeping that gravy train rolling! We've got an episode for each year of Spooked! So put the kids to bed, order in some takeout, and get ready to get...
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  • Jul 20 2020

    30 – The Last Episode

    In the final episode of Truths Be Told Lindsay makes sure to deliver a variety of stories. Everything from the hilarious to the heartbreaking! Lindsay also introduces the new segment, answers listener questions, and gives a heartfelt goodbye to the...
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  • Aug 19 2019

    Ep. 200 – Spooktacular 4 Pt. 2

    Today on Spooked! It's our four year anniversary and we got more guests than you can shake a stick at! And this is just part two of three! It's a spooky celebration, so grab your Dracula costumes, get some punch,...
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  • Feb 05 2019

    The Forest

    In the show's season finale, Noah (Matt McCready) and a nameless buffoon (Devon Hyland) find themselves lost in a forest clearing. An adventure that has a fight with an underground king, conversations with a giant mouth, and a stunning vaudeville...
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  • Jan 28 2019

    Ep. 172 – Devon Hyland

    The Spooky Artist Studio
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  • Mar 09 2018

    180: Troop Beverly Hills – with Devon Hyland

    We're back to where we are most comfortable. The 80s! Listen this week as the Nice Guys flawlessly recreate "Troop Beverly Hills" along with their unbelievably talented guest Devon Hyland. Check out his hilarious halloween band here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/the-krulls/1156661741
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  • Mar 09 2018

    Devon Hyland And Tyrone

    Theatre usher Sal Ladd (Devon Hyland) finds a body in the cinema after a screening of Murder On the Orient Express. Who's movie rule did he break? Who there caused a religious war? What happens in Enter the Void? And...
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  • Dec 16 2016

    Devon Hyland And Clove Dugger

    Yoohoo Boys! This week, the guys talk over Spring Stepper (Devon Hyland), a city park designer who found a body in one of his competitor's parks. Cut in half, and painted like a tree, the suspects range from the Cutter,...
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  • Mar 01 2016

    110: Erin Brockovich – with Devon Hyland

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Erin Brockovich” Featuring the hilarious Devon Hyland! Famous Quote: "Dammit! Another baby lost on my account."
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