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Eli Bovard

Eli Bovard is a former ESL teacher, retired fitness trainer, sketch comedian and writer from Toronto, Canada.

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  • Nov 18 2021

    Spencer Wants to Know…About Evil Spirits (Episode 111)

    Nicolina and Cody interview the creators of the podcast “Spencer Wants to Know,” Spencer Litzinger and Eli Bovard. We talk about mental health, the psychic who told her "darkness" would always follow her, and a horrifying experience at a seance.
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  • Nov 02 2021

    Spencer Litzinger and Eli Bovard

    On this week's episode, Alana interviews her first couple, Spencer Litzinger and Eli Bovard (Spencer Wants to Know podcast) and chats about struggles in school, support in relationships and why they did their new podcast!
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  • Oct 18 2021

    88 – Can’t Be Deceived

    This week we are joined by Spencer Litzinger and Eli Bovard to discuss the wish "I wish I could not be deceived." and talk about the times we've been tricked and debate if hiding counts.
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  • Dec 10 2018

    Ep. 165 – Eli Bovard

    The Spooky Executioner
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