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Ennis Esmer

Ennis Esmer is a Turkish-Canadian actor and comedian. He is most notable for his role as Rich Dotcom on the American television show Blindspot. He can also be seen as 'Dave Amari' on DirecTV's You Me Her (2016) and as 'Kurtis Mazhari' on Global's Private Eyes (2016).

Appeared on

  • May 05 2022

    E43: LIVE! ft. Mark Wahlberg

    Here it is: our first ever live episode! This week,  Chris, James and Michael dazzle a sold-out crowd and explore the life of Hollywood's largest Catholic superstar... Mark Wahlberg.  Recorded on Friday, April 29 at Comedy Bar in Toronto.
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  • Oct 20 2021

    Episode 9.218: Season 09 Premiere w/ Ennis Esmer & Jay Rosales

    It's time for season nine of Confederacy of Dunks! We've got new segment alerts, medium market darlings, ranking the final Raps roster, opening night changes and extension slander!
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  • Jun 10 2021

    …because it’s Hot Ones* with Ennis Esmer

    Peter and Chris eat chicken wings with actor/comedian Ennis Esmer.
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  • Sep 17 2020

    Episode 7.164: Ennis Esmer & Alex Wood

    After a wild and stressful series, the Raptors were eliminated by Boston in seven games. But there's lots to grateful for this season and lots to look forward to.
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  • Jul 15 2020

    The Celebrity Ennis Esmer!

    This week, James and Michael talk about summer adventures, the fate of Hooters and Richard Lewis. Our guest is celebrity Ennis Esmer (aka Mr. Lights, Camera, Action), who stops by to talk about Bee Movie, life in Tinseltown and pee...
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  • Jan 21 2020

    Episode 7.133: Will Weldon & Ennis Esmer

    Recorded right after the insane MLK Day 122-117 win against the Hawks. Raptors are now at 29-14 and we’ve got some hot reactions to today’s game that we want you to hear if you make it past the intro! Special...
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  • Jun 04 2019

    Episode 6.109: Ennis Esmer & Cathryn Naiker

    Raptors are tied 1-1 in the NBA FINALS!! Who is the most deserving player to have never had a finals appearance? Adam Silver said that the NBA is not considering expansion. Quickish questions and more! With special guests: Ennis Esmer...
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  • Apr 30 2019

    Our Historic 100th Episode!

    It’s our historic 100th episode, recorded live on April 17, 2019 at The Ossington in Toronto, Canada! In honor of the special occasion, Michael and James were joined by fantastic guests Evany Rosen, Ennis Esmer and Tim Gilbert.
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  • Feb 13 2019

    Episode 6.97: Matt McCready & Ennis Esmer

    Huge changes again in Raptorland! They're 42-16 and have once again pulled on our heart strings with a big deadline trade and buyout additions. Marc-Mania: What was the best part of the Gasol trade? Special guests Matt McCready and Ennis Esmer!
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  • Aug 15 2018

    Episode 73: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Ennis Esmer & James Rathbone

    We're back from summer vacation! The Raptors got snubbed again on the Christmas Day game-- Are we slighted or delighted? Where does the recently signed Moose fit in? Special guests on this week: Ennis Esmer and James Rathbone!
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  • Dec 08 2017

    Episode 5.52: Ennis Esmer & Will Weldon

    Episode 52, Raptors are 15-7, what O what do we do with Jonas Valanciunas? Should we stop thinking about the DeAndre Jordan rumours? Casey's bad habits? We've got Ennis Esmer and Will Weldon joining us on this one!
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  • Apr 07 2017

    Episode 4.43: Ennis Esmer & Katie Heindl

    New episode and and our first Facebook Live post! Lowry is back and the Raptors' record is at 48-31. Lots of Raptors talk, NBA talk, Uncle Buck and Proline Picks! With Katie Heindl and Ennis Esmer!
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  • Mar 19 2017

    Sibling Rivalry With Big Brother Kelly

    Things get CONTENTIOUS when James’ super successful brother Kelly stops by to promote his company’s community outreach program AND humiliate his baby brother.
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  • Dec 23 2015

    Episode 3.24: Ennis Esmer & Adam Christie

    We're all chugging crème de menthe, so it must be the holidays! The Raps are 18-12 after last night's big Mav win. We made sure our two amazing guests were loaded up on de menthe for this one: Ennis Esmer...
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  • Dec 08 2015

    Ennis Esmer

    Ennis Esmer, Canadian actor and comedian extraordinaire. Constantly juggling television roles such as Nash on Red Oaks, Leo on Man Seeking Woman...
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  • Feb 25 2015

    Episode 2.08: Ennis Esmer

    The all-star break is over and the unofficial second half of the season has begun! TV and film star/Raptors’ fan Ennis Esmer is on the show this week! It’s a great time.
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