Farra N Hyte
Farra N Hyte is the creation of artist/choreographer Chantelle Carr. Farra N Hyte originally started as a creative and artistic outlet when Chantelle was recovering from a serious car accident which ended her dance career. Through exploration and development Farra N Hyte has been a Toronto headliner for over 20 years. Coming from the dance world, Farra looked for ways to stand out and thus got involved in pageants both locally and internationally. Farra N Hyte has had much success and to most is considered Toronto's Pageant Queen. Farra N Hyte has had the honour to be the only Canadian in history to have won 2 international drag pageants, Miss Continental Plus and National Showgirl @ Large. Through her travels Farra has honed her craft, becoming well known for her hosting and mic skills, as well as stellar celebrity impersonations. Farra N Hyte is a versatile entertainer on stage, bringing beautiful costuming and detailed performances to suit any venue or audience. When not under the spotlight Chantelle uses her platform as a trans person to speak on woman's empowerment and educate youth on the importance of trans acceptance and understanding.
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