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  • Mar 04 2019

    Ep. 177 – Geoffrey Cork

    The Spooky Bird Sanctuary
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  • Feb 08 2019

    Geoff Cork And Fry

    Competitive gamer Tony Ribbons (Geoff Cork), finds rival StarFoxBalls12 dead at the Toronto Comic Con. He talks anime, his psychic abilities, and personal traumas. Then, Fry, not a South Park character, hunkers down to get out of the cold, and...
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  • Jun 07 2017

    A Week in the Life of an Improv Show

    This week, Rob and Adam go behind the scenes of MANTOWN: The Improvised Frat Party to learn what it takes to produce a sold-out improv show.
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  • Nov 20 2016

    129: Friday the 13th – with Geoff Cork

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Friday the 13th” Featuring the great Geoff Cork! Famous Quote: “ICE CREEEAAAM!!!”
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  • Aug 12 2016

    Geoff Cork And Todd

    Maury May (Geoff Cork), dog walker/dog enthusiast/part dog, finds a corpse in the local dog park. He drops by the show to discuss his instincts, dog flavours, limbo, and his problem son - who ends up stopping by for some...
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