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    May 15 2022

    S4E10 Live from Wpg Comedy Fest with Graham Clark, Dave Merheje and Rusty Robot

    This is our first live podcast in 4 years! Unfortunately, we were missing Matt Nightingale due to a lower body injury/kidnapping. We're joined by Dave Merheje and Graham Clark as well as live musician Rusty Robot!
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  • Apr 28 2022

    E42: Piers Morgan with Graham Clark

    Piers Morgan might look perfect, but he's actually a little bit crappy. This week, Graham Clark from Stop Podcasting Yourself joins Evil Men to talk about Piers, his history of being a smarmy dick, and his friendship with Donald Trump....
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  • Oct 31 2021

    S3E16 Featuring Graham Clark!

    We caught up with comedian Graham Clark while he was in town for the Winnipeg Comedy Festival! This one as recorded in an empty Wee Johnny's and we talked about robots, animals, and which drinks have toes in them.
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  • Jan 24 2021

    S2E1 Graham Clark: Good Bidet to Die

    Season 2 kicks off with a bang as our good friend Graham Clark stops by for a chat about monster trucks, Freddy Vs. Jason, and bidet malfunctions. Graham also favors us with a great edition of Two Truths and a...
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  • Jun 14 2020

    S1E128 P Jokes with Graham Clark

    We got a record-breaking episode of The HUNKS Podcast right here. Our good friend Graham Clarke (Stop Podcasting Yourself) joins us, and we go an unprecedented 11 minutes before talking about gross stuff.
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  • Aug 15 2018

    S1E118 Graham Clark Returns

    Fan favorite and podcast darling, Graham Clark, returns to The HUNKS Podcast to talk about our REAL feelings about Pizza Hut, and other less consequetial things.
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  • Apr 30 2018

    Vancouver Ambassador Graham Clark

    Our guest is Vancouverite and proud renter Graham Clark, who stops by to tell us about the west coast’s real estate scene.
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  • Aug 21 2017

    S1E81 Winnipeg Fringe – Graham Clark 2

    On this live podcast, we're joined by returning guest, the illustrious Graham Clark! We kick things off by riffing on Ravishing Rick Rude, arguably the world's sexiest wrestler!
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  • Jul 21 2017

    S1E73 Winnipeg Fringe – Graham Clark!

    It's our first ever live podcast at the Winnipeg Fringe featuring amazing special guest, stand up sensation Graham Clark! First up, we take a short trip to Campbell's Chunky Beach. Then Matt Learns about the 1920s goldfish trend.
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  • Jan 14 2015

    Graham Clark

    Graham Clark is a Canadian podcasting hero with his amazing 7 year running Stop Podcasting Yourself that he co-hosts along with the equally funny Dave Shumka.
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