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Guled Abdi

Guled Abdi is a writer and actor, known for TallBoyz, and Cookstown: The Musical.

Appeared on

  • Mar 18 2022

    Guled Abdi and Monsieur Du Jour

    Paramedic Nathan Feinstein (Guled Abdi) explains the living situation in his ambulance, made complicated by the fact his partner was found dead inside.
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  • Dec 07 2021

    S05E04: 5 Things w/ Alia Rasul

    Host Alia Ceniza Rasul (The Tita Collective), sits down with a different comedian each week and asks them 5 THINGS about their art, work, and life. Listen to the stories behind the people and the jokes. This weeks episode features...
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  • Sep 27 2021

    S01E04: Changing Tastes with Guled Abdi

    CBC’s Tallboyz star Guled Abdi joins Mat and Hisham for a pasta feast. He dishes on what it’s like to have a personal stylist, Guled and Hisham find common ground with closed toed shoes. Guled rates new and old trends...
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  • Aug 26 2021

    Episode 08. Game Seven (with Guled Abdi)

    This week, Shohana sits down with writer and comedian Guled Abdi and they chat about Groot vs. Baby Yoda and grieving during a pandemic. Follow Finders Grievers on Instagram & Twitter @findersgrievers
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  • Feb 17 2021

    205: The Lost Boys w/ Tallboyz Franco Nguyen and Guled Abdi!

    Listen to our dumb version of the 80s classic The Lost Boys. Blood! Vampires! Dancing! We got all right here at the old Casa Del Remember. I love you.
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  • Feb 16 2021

    Video Livestream w/ Guled Abdi & Ben Stager!

    Our guest is Dr. Ahmed (Guled Abdi), who stops by to tell us all about his mouth-watering new vaccine. Be sure to follow Guled on Twitter and check out season 2 of Tallboyz.
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  • Feb 15 2021

    Episode 68 – Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles w/ Tallboyz

    We watch the childhood classic with the sketch group Tallboyz and Vite is confused by the premise even though the premise is the entirety of the title.
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  • Feb 15 2021

    Ep. 272- TallBoyz

    The Spooky Jock
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  • Feb 11 2021

    …Because the TallBoyz are here!

    Peter and Chris are joined by Tim Blair and Guled Abdi (half of the hit CBC sketch comedy group TallBoyz). They talk sketch comedy, Peter asks an awkward money question, and Tim shows us how fast he is at getting...
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  • Feb 05 2021

    Guled Abdi and Ms. Gutentag

    Unemployed 30-something Valentino (Guled Abdi) has finally found a hobby - pottery. However, he finds his new friend and classmate dead on a pottery wheel, and no amount of Narcity lists has helped him solve the case.
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  • Mar 16 2020

    Live at Toronto Sketchfest 2020

    Andy has a bad back and the Coronavirus has shut down most of the city, but Rollie and Ev are listening to podcast pitches for their new network in this live recording for Toronto Sketchfest.
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  • Nov 22 2019

    Guled Abdi And Maureen

    Ads for Sale supervisor Harry Martin (Guled Abdi) finds a corpse in the neighbouring cubicle, a foam of unknown danger in his mouth. He talks spreadsheets, pivoting around the computers in the office, and tries to pitch newspaper ad space...
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  • Oct 15 2019

    Ep. 207 – Guled Abdi

    The Spooky Stunt Driver and Director
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  • Nov 13 2018

    Visions of the Future with Guled Abdi

    Our guest is futurist Guled Abdi, who stops by to talk about the monumental change humanity will experience in the coming years.
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  • Nov 13 2018

    The Sauna

    Carl (Vance Banzo) and Cassandro (Guled Abdi) just want to be part of the cool crowd. So when they go out partying they over indulge and wake up to find themselves trapped as part of a "cool" prank. Can they...
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  • Jan 19 2018

    Guled Abdi And Gary

    Darius Milton (Guled Abdi) is a sawmill employee/accountant, who finds sawmill hall monitor Harry Mac tied to a log and cut in half. The boys talk Pembroke, Ontario, and its Borat day, its Take Your Kids to Work Day, and...
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