Hannah Bee
Hannah (they/them) is a queer Jewish writer and podcaster. Their content empowers women and queer individuals to bravely embrace self-confidence. Through over 5 years of content creation, they have become a respected thought leader in confidence and body acceptance. Hannah is the founder of the Chronically Confident Community, a digital space that fosters positive relationships with body, mind, and identity. Skilled at distilling complex topics into understandable concepts, Hannah holds an MSc. in Public Policy with a focus on Social Change and Sustainability. They use their educational and engaging approach to help viewers better themselves and the world around them. Hannah’s journey toward body acceptance began after being diagnosed with two chronic illnesses getting stomach reconstruction surgery at just 17 years old and becoming a competitive powerlifter at 22. They struggled with body image for years before discovering the idea of body acceptance. Hannah’s content now aims to address the nuances and diverse experiences people have in their relationships with their bodies. They amassed a following by sharing their story and insights on body acceptance philosophy.
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