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Jack Allison

Jack Allison is an American writer, podcaster, and comedian. He is the co-host of Struggle Session with Leslie Lee III, and JackAM with Cait Raft. He is best known for writing for Jimmy Kimmel Live! and feuding with Michael Che and other current writers of Saturday Night Live. He is also a member of Upright Citizens Brigade.

Appeared on

  • Sep 07 2021

    BugCon 2021: Listener Questions

    On this week's episode, Alana and producer/husband/roommate Norm Sousa (with guests Jack Allison and Cait Raft) answer questions from the listeners in a special live recording of the podcast at BugCon 2021!
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  • Aug 13 2019

    Jack Allison

    Alana knifes the hell out of her good friend Jack Allison (JackAM, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Struggle Session).
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