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Janelle McGuinness

Appeared on

  • Dec 20 2021

    96 – Everyone Is Friends

    We are joined by Korri Birch and Janelle McGuinness to discuss a wish about everyone being friends. Janelle teaching us the sex-move "Hanging a Shelf."
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  • Nov 15 2021

    91 – Best Wishes – Waste

    We are joined by Korri Birch and Janelle McGuinness to debate your trash magically disappearing versus never needing the waste room.
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  • Jan 25 2021

    Needful Things (1993)

    We are joined by Tyler Hewitt and Janelle McGuinness to break down "Needful Things", the film based on a Stephen King book where the devil open up an antique shop and pulls a bunch of weird pranks on a small...
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