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Jessie Kahnweiler

Jessie Kahnweiler first became known for writing, directing and starring in a short film called ‘Meet My Rapist’ that imagines Jessie bumping into her rapist at the farmer’s market, and then dating him. Jessie then wrote, directed, and starred in ‘The Skinny’, a dark comedic series based on her 10-year relationship with bulimia. ‘The Skinny’ was produced by Jill Soloway, Paul Young, and Refinery29, and premiered at Sundance. It was written about in NY Times and won a Webby for best series. Jessie also developed ‘Viagra Diaries’ for CW, ‘Bump’ for ABC Digital, and staffed on ‘Skam AUSTIN’ for Facebook Watch. Most recently, Jessie’s short film, ‘He’s The One,’ premiered at Sundance this year. She is currently writing a series for Sharon Horgan at the new streaming service, Topic, based on that short.

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  • Feb 11 2020

    Jessie Kahnweiler

    Jessie Kahnweiler (He's The One, The Skinny) and Alana have a deep and meaningful friendship yet they can't pronounce each other's names correctly. You can't write this stuff, folks!
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