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  • Apr 30 2021

    Jillian Welsh and Cory

    Teenage cheer captain Sherry Cherry (Jillian Welsh) details her high school life, including finding the bloated, boiled body of a fellow student at the train bridge. Other mysteries solved include a missing tube top and figuring out who has a...
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  • Nov 26 2020

    S01E05: 5 Things w Kyah Green & Jillian Welsh

    Kyah asks 5 Things of Jillian Welsh about comedy, storytelling, road trips, and more.
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  • Sep 07 2018

    Smokin’ and Sippin’ | Fckgirls Ep. 4

    We might dabble in guided meditation in today’s episode with comedian and improviser Jillian Welsh. Learn how to quit smoking and build your perfect partner as if they were a pie! Grab a glass of water, because today, we drink!
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  • Jul 09 2018

    3 – Hook Ups

    Lindsay and her guests share their most notable hook up/ one-night stand experiences and have an in depth discussion about hook up culture. Guests include: Ashley Botting, Freddie Rivas, Shanda Bezic, Briana Templeton and Jillian Welsh.
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