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  • Jan 27 2021

    …Because Kevin Vidal is Here!

    Peter and Chris are joined by actor and comedian Kevin Vidal (CBC’s Workin’ Moms, Come From Away). Do yourself a treat and don’t miss Kevin! They talk about popular culture and all the new shows coming out that you might...
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  • Jun 17 2019

    15 – Friendship

    Lindsay and her guests reflect on the friendships of their youth and chat about the ways in which friendship changes in adulthood. Guest include: Geoffrey Brown, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, Christian Smith, and Kevin Vidal.
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  • May 12 2017

    Kevin Vidal And Burt As Mario

    This one is for all you Dawson Creekers. When Lance Arnaught is found dead at an e-sports tournament, the boys invite Julian Dawson (Kevin Vidal) on the show to get some answers, and to learn about all the hot spots...
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  • Dec 21 2016

    Musical Improv (LIVE)

    It's the finale of Season 3! In this episode of The Backline LIVE, a reluctant Adam takes a tour through the world of musical improv with some of Toronto's best musical performers. Along the way he discovers how to sing,...
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  • Sep 19 2016

    The 1 Year Anniversary Spooktacular! Pt. 2

    Are you guys ready for part two of our One Year Spooktacular? You better be! Part Two features; Raul Delgado, Clare McConnell, Tony Nappo, Chris Wilson, Dean Young, Briana Templeton, Gwynne Phillips, Mark Little, and Kevin Vidal! We round out...
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  • Jun 06 2016

    Ep. 36 Kevin Vidal

    The Spooky Doctor And Assassin! On this week's Spooked! Cody needs his pills, Colin wants to buy a cookie platter, Damien isn't a doctor, Christopher Wilson takes care of things, and Kevin Vidal (Sunnyside, Second City MainStage) is a talk...
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  • Dec 01 2015

    Diversity in Comedy

    The Backline follows the Bob Curry Fellowship from it's announcement in 2014 to what's it like for fellows in the improv community after completion of the program. Also interviewed are both newbie and veteran improvisers who share their stories and...
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