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Kirk McCullough

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  • Jan 31 2022

    99 – Best Wishes – Teleportation

    We are joined by Mark Shyzer and Kirk McCullough to debate two types of teleportation. Unlimited but only in line of site or to any city center in the world, but only once per day.
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  • Mar 22 2021

    Ted (2012)

    We are joined by Kelly Zemnickis and Kirk McCullough to watch Ted (2012), a film that went for edgy and aged quickly. We come up with a better film "Biblical Brady".
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  • Jul 06 2020

    Freaky Friday (2003)

    In this movie review episode, I'm joined by Kirk McCullough and Rachel Manson to discuss Freaky Friday, a good film with some very unnecessary racism and a lot of spin-off potential.
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