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  • Aug 04 2021

    S01E08: Condo Committee

    The following is a special presentation of the Nü-Condo Committee general meeting, intended for residents of the Nü-Condo building.
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  • Jan 11 2021

    Radiohead (ft. Meg MacKay)

    If you listened to Radiohead in high school, you’re gay now...
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  • Oct 09 2020

    Meg MacKay and Bunk

    Fashion designer / spiders Science P Dresspington (Meg MacKay) tries to help figure out what went wrong at a disastrous Loblaws grocery store performance.
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  • Aug 12 2019

    Ep. 200 – Spooktacular 4 Pt. 1

    Today on Spooked! It's our four year anniversary and we got more guests than you can shake a stick at! It's a spooky celebration, so grab your Dracula costumes, get some punch, and get ready to get Spooktaculared!
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  • Jun 14 2019


    Several guests help stop a serial killer. With Matt Folliott, Chris Leveille, Martha Stortz, Meg MacKay and Tim Blair.
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  • Mar 04 2019

    A Real Estate Agent Helps Andy

    A real estate agent helps Andy improve his living situation.
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  • Jul 13 2018

    Meg MacKay And Perry The Night Bibbet

    Health food magnate Veronica Healthbottom (Meg MacKay) finds employee Pibbly Bibbet dead in her factory, stabbed along his spine. Suspicions range from Dab, her Sun, to French Carl, to a terrifying sewing machine.
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  • Aug 11 2017

    Meg MacKay And Young Daniel

    Camp Spanchel Friend - where the kids get old, and then stick around. Christopher Plumber, camp staff, was one of them - until he was discovered dead on the beach. Counsellor Old Daniel (Meg MacKay) wants to figure out what...
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  • Jul 04 2016

    Ep. 40 Steph Tolev

    The Spooky Skate Park! Today on Spooked! Steph Tolev (LadyStache, Hot N' Hungry) is a sad dad, Meg MacKay is trying to restart her career, Cody has tiny legs, and Damien examines ghost law. Nothing is scarier than skateboarding, so...
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  • Oct 19 2015

    Ep. 4 Meg MacKay

    The Spooky Showdown! In today's spooky episode, a showdown is about to happen! Watch as Nigel deals with cultural appropriation, Meg MacKay (Reverse Late Night) battles her inner demons, Damien learns what it means to be on a football team,...
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