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Raul Delgado

Raul Delgado is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory. He is a co-creator and former co- host of the comedy podcast Gag Reflex, creator of YouTube channel BasicallyTheMovie and is currently a member of Toronto improv troupes Ins and Outs and The Nice Guys.

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  • Jun 12 2017

    Ep. 88 RJ City

    The Spooky Bar Today on Spooked! Cody could be a man or a woman, Colin can’t stop crying, Raul was tellin’ all y’all, and RJ’s rib dreams are rained out. It's a honky tonkin' good time so grab your saddle...
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  • May 01 2017

    Ep. 82 The Nice Guys Invade!

    Today on Spooked! John keeps getting hit in the head, Raul can't remember his own brother, Mike abandons his thriving business and Damien reveals his new love at the wrong time. The Nice Guys take over, spooking us real good....
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  • Oct 28 2016

    Raul Delgado And Madeup Names

    Heartson Aces (Raul Delgado), celebrated romance author, has tragedy strike at a book signing when a fan is found dead with a knife on/in her back. A mysterious man was seen falling down the stairs away from the scene, but...
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  • Sep 19 2016

    The 1 Year Anniversary Spooktacular! Pt. 2

    Are you guys ready for part two of our One Year Spooktacular? You better be! Part Two features; Raul Delgado, Clare McConnell, Tony Nappo, Chris Wilson, Dean Young, Briana Templeton, Gwynne Phillips, Mark Little, and Kevin Vidal! We round out...
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  • May 09 2016

    Ep. 32 The Nice Guys

    The Spooky Manager And Producer! Today on Spooked! We get a lesson in how to be super cool and polite from The Nice Guys (That's How I Remember It)! So tune in, follow along (and laugh along!) as we get...
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  • Dec 18 2015

    Raul Delgado And Tommy Tusong

    The naked corpse of Jill Shumpert was found in the local dump - and the only resident of Dump City, Garbage Mike (Raul Delgado) has emerged from his house of books to try to figure out the case. Tommy Tusong...
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  • May 15 2015

    Raul Delgado And Officer Barbell

    An old man was found dead in a treehouse. Luckily, Tom Parker (Raul Delgado), was there to watch, and even though he doesn't know much, he tries his best to help out the boys. The hosts, Steve and Griffin, as...
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  • Jan 14 2014

    006: Die Hard – with Raul Delagado

    The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Die Hard”. Special Guest Raul Delgado of Gag Reflex Comedy Spoiler Alert! Bruce Willis. Wifebeater shirts. Ellis. Ellis’ wife. That black cop from Family Matters. What more do you want in an episode? Just listen...
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