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Apr 17 2017 Guest

Ep. 80 Matt McCready

The Spooky Foster Parent and Teen Today on Spooked! Colin thinks those weird guys outside are cute, Damien hangs out in a pumpkin patch, Cody rolls up the outdoor carpet, Matt thinks magazines are books, and Simon can’t find his pills. We get all gussied up for the big ball tonight. So grab a date and get ready to get Spooked!
Oct 03 2016 Guest

Ep. 52 Colin Munch

The Spooky Manhattan Apartment. On today's Spooked! Colin Munch(La Grande Jatte, True Blue) has a thin rod of glass, Simon has to go back to the dinosaur planet, Cody is a future loser, Damien has some old rent checks, and Colin tries to make some sense of it all. So come on and get Spooked!
Sep 12 2016 Guest

The 1 Year Anniversary Spooktacular! Pt. 1

Spooked! is one year old and hey, we got all kinds of amazing people to come on by to help us celebrate! Part One features; Mike Mongiardi, John Richardson, Pete DeCourcy, Kirsty LaPointe, Nick Etherton, Chelsea Jayne Bray, Steffi Didomenicantonio, Simon McCamus, Marc Hallworth, Trevor Poelman, and Alastair Forbes! It's a Spooktacular with not one, but three spooky stories! So let's celebrate and get Spooked!
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