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  • Jan 08 2021

    LIVEISH with Tim Blair & Hana Holubec

    A married couple and co-working teachers find one of their students (and soon to be child) tragically killed in their school. They talk about their living and roleplay arrangements, sloths, and smart boards. With guests Tim Blair and Hana Holubec.
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  • Dec 07 2020

    Ep. 262 – Tim Blair

    The Spooky Radio
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  • Jul 01 2020

    Canada Day Blowout with Comedian Tim Blair!

    Our guest is Tim Blair, star of the fantastic CBC sketch comedy series Tallboyz.
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  • Mar 16 2020

    Live at Toronto Sketchfest 2020

    Andy has a bad back and the Coronavirus has shut down most of the city, but Rollie and Ev are listening to podcast pitches for their new network in this live recording for Toronto Sketchfest.
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  • Feb 25 2020

    Ben Stager And Tim Blair

    It's a Bad Audio Bonus Episode! What a treat for you! Joey from Joey's Call Centre (Ben Stager) finds one of his employees dead in the office freezer. He talks about the business of selling, and cleaning. The trolley gnome...
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  • Jun 14 2019


    Several guests help stop a serial killer. With Matt Folliott, Chris Leveille, Martha Stortz, Meg MacKay and Tim Blair.
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  • Jul 06 2018

    Tim Blair

    Boy genius Mark Farrell (Tim Blair) finds a fellow student at his public school dead at the science fair. Asbestos, inventions, and Steve sticking around may be the key to unlocking the mystery.
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  • Apr 28 2017

    Tim Blair And Cliff Edge

    On this Killed to Death with Griffinsteve and Rick, Strongman Cody Jones (Tim Blair), a not-bodybuilder-maybe-experiment, finds his (life) Coach crushed under a pile of weights. Suspects range from the Soylent Corporation to Cody's rival Cliff, and that's pretty much...
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  • Jan 15 2016

    Tim Blair And Rorschach

    Happy new year! A boy is dead, and has been sewn to a goat! Petting zoo owner, and voluntary prison inmate Thumb Samson (Tim Blair) tries to make sense out of a senseless crime, but the difference between kids (children)...
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