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Merge Boot, A Survivor Podcast (6)

Merge Boot, A Survivor Podcast
Sep 14 2022 Guest

What We Hope to See in Season 43 w/ Tom Henry

One week until the new season and we drop some news as well as discuss our wants and need for Survivor 43. MORE APPLEBEES! Insta:@mergebootpodcast Twitter: @mergebootpod Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjQor7ejJ78FRlKxdkKnJyQ      
Jun 24 2021 Guest

Survivor Seasons: Ranked! Pt.2 (20-1)

It was a long journey but we finally figure out the greatest season of all time! Tom Henry and Chris George return to help us rank the top 20 seasons. Do you agree with our rankings? are you as mad as Joel? Let us know!
Jun 10 2021 Guest

Survivor Seasons: Ranked! Pt.1 (40-21)

This is part 1 of our 2 part series ranking every season of Survivor. Tom Henry and Chris George join us to decide the bottom 20 seasons. What's your least favourite season? did our picks make sense? Is the list already ruined? Let us know!
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