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  • May 05 2022

    E43: LIVE! ft. Mark Wahlberg

    Here it is: our first ever live episode! This week,  Chris, James and Michael dazzle a sold-out crowd and explore the life of Hollywood's largest Catholic superstar... Mark Wahlberg.  Recorded on Friday, April 29 at Comedy Bar in Toronto.
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  • Jul 01 2021

    …Because it’s a Roast with Tom Henry

    This time the podcast is different because the podcast gets roasted by comedian Tom Henry (Check out his comedy special on Crave titled "66 Jokes"). Watch Peter and Chris get torn apart while enjoying our self-proclaimed masterclass in roasting.
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  • May 25 2020

    Ep. 239 – Tom Henry

    The Spooky Safe Room
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  • May 13 2020

    The Comedian Tom Henry

    Our guest is writer and comedian Tom Henry. Be sure to check out Tom’s new Crave comedy special 66 Jokes. And watch his Twitch talk show here: www.twitch.tv/tomdhenry
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  • Dec 18 2018

    2018 XMAS Spectacular!

    This week, we’re kicking back and enjoying the holidays with our second annual Xmas Spectacular episode! It’s a fun and exciting party featuring our friends Aaron Eves, Tom Henry and Evany Rosen.
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  • May 07 2018

    Startup Executive Tom Henry

    Our guest for this episode is startup executive Tom Henry, who stops by to tell us about his exciting new dating app and MORE!
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  • May 09 2017

    A Conversation with “Greg,” Hitman To The Stars

    Michael and James talk to “Greg,” a professional hitman and long-time tenant. “Greg” is a cool cat with fascinating stories to tell about his career hanging out with—and occasionally assassinating—some of the biggest names in show business.
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  • Sep 17 2014

    Tom Henry

    Tom Henry is a hilarious stand up comedian and good friend. We had a lot of fun building his perfect utopian world and you will have fun listening! The world is your candy!
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