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Trevor Campbell

Trevor Campbell is a queer writer and comedian hungry for a good story and a great sandwich. A graduate of Bad Dog Comedy Theatre's improv program, he regularly contributes as a writer, host and producer for CBC Podcasts. Prior to this, Campbell spent nearly four years working for a Tokyo-based NGO creating and delivering workshops about sexuality, marriage equality and 2SLGBTQIA+ human rights. Currently, he combines these experiences to create his hit accusatory podcast You Made Me Queer!, featuring red-hot retribution (a.k.a. queer awakening stories) from a hilarious roster of superstar guests.

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  • Nov 29 2021

    93 – Best Wishes – Food

    We are joined by Shohana Sharmin and Trevor Campbell to debate "Would you rather never get hungry/can't starve or never have food taste less than delicious?"
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  • Oct 07 2021

    You Made Me Spooky with Trevor Campbell (Episode 106)

    On this Hometown Haunts episode Trevor Campbell joins us from the podcast "You Made Me Queer." He talks about his Catholic upbringing and the pilgrimages he took to haunted locations around the world. Plus, we share an Instagram submitted listener...
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  • Sep 20 2021

    84 – Everyone Is Queer

    We sit down with Shohana Sharmin and Trevor Campbell to discuss the wish "I wish everybody was queer" which for some reason means some discussion of RuPaul's Drag Race is mandatory.
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  • Sep 02 2021

    ‘Rocketman’ and Gay Icons

    Podcaster Trevor Campbell and Comedian Robert Watson joins this week's all-gay panel to review 'Rocketman' and discusses Gay Icons who've influenced our lives, which is a topic plucked from the themes of the movie.
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  • Aug 29 2021

    Trevor Campbell

    This episode, Erin welcomes Trevor from the new Sonar podcast, You Made Me Queer. Listen along as they chat about hot people, straight passing, and cephalopods.
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  • Aug 09 2021

    Ep. 297 – Trevor Campbell

    The Spooky Oscar
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