Viza DeCline

Viza DeCline is one of the most versatile entertainers you’ll ever experience, despite adamantly claiming to be a top. Comedian, actress, writer and host, she is a voice of reason for every season that has yet to be discovered. With her vibrant violet eyes, observational humour, and bold, bawdy nature, this blonde haired Italian will always leave an impression. It might be why she’s had a scandalous love life. Viza began her career with a critically ignored lead role on Canadian soap opera Beaver Tales. Despite the series being cancelled after 2 episodes, she remembers the experience fondly “because I was able to keep several dresses from the wardrobe department”. Later on, she gained minimal notoriety for her PSAs “Vegans: The Not So Silent Buzz Killers” and “Bangs: They Aren’t For You”. While taking a hiatus from auditions, she became a regular on home shopping networks with her homemade line of press on nails, CLAWZ by Viza, along with her fragrance Assets by Viza Decline. According to Viza, the fragrance did poorly because of her distributor's and not her tag line “It puts the 'Ass' in De Toilette”. After years of not being taken seriously (or to bed) by casting directors, in addition to a scandalous wardrobe malfunction at an awards show, Viza set her sights on a career in comedy. This new path has also parlayed into a podcast, book opportunities, and other projects that are currently in development. Follow her on social media and join her journey to stardom as she searches for her "big break". You can call her a diva, you can call her a clown, just don’t call her bloated.

Appeared on

  • May 28 2019

    RuPaul’s Drag Race 11 | Reunion! w/ VIZA DECLINE!

    House of Lix (Vicki Lix, Selena Vyle) gets a visit from their favorite handy woman, Viza DeCline, as they break down Rupaul's Drag Race S11 E13, Facebook's name policy, human algorithms, for love or money, and GOING WIG OR GOING...
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  • May 08 2018

    RuPaul’s Drag Race 10 | Snatch Game! w/ VIZA DECLINE!

    Canadian drag queens Vicki Lix and Viza DeCline (formerly Heroine Marks) catch up and discuss Rupaul's Drag Race Season 10 Episode 7, Reinventing Yourself, Creating your own Opportunities, Recovering from Betrayal, and BITCHY MERMAIDS!
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  • Jul 26 2017

    Squirrel Talk! Feat. VIZA DECLINE!

    Canadian Drag Queens and squirelfriends invite Toronto Queen Viza DeCline (formerly Heroine Marks) to join them to talk about drag impersonators, drag competitions, the evolution of drag, and Cathy Spank-Me!
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