Summer Camp: The Case of the Phantom Pooper

True crime meets summer camp! Join Camp Director Mookie as he attempts to bring down a prolific prankster.
Dec 05 2023

Mookie Recommends: Human-B-Gon

Mookie's popping back in to tell you all about Human-B-Gon, Human-B-Gon is a sci-fi comedy set in the terrifyingly near future, when the machines have gone self aware and humanity is reduced to scavenging pests.
Summer Camp: The Case of the Phantom Pooper

Mookie Recommends: Human-B-Gon

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Jul 26 2023

The Cart Bandits

A sophisticated group of inter-camp pranksters emerges, creating chaos for Mookie and his team.
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About Summer Camp: The Case of the Phantom Pooper

Based on a true story, Summer Camp: The Case of the Phantom Pooper follows camp director Mookie as he struggles to solve a string of seriously smelly pranks. Join Mookie and his team on this whimsical caper, and find yourself transported to the best place on earth: summer camp.


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