That's How I Remember It

Toronto improvisers take YOUR favourite movie and re-tell the story through improv.
Sep 12 2020

201: Look Who’s Talking

Forget Boss Baby, the 80s did talking baby movies first. Listen to our version of the classic talking baby film, Look Who's Talking!
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Aug 10 2020

200: Baby’s Day Out

In this episode we tackle John Hughes' final picture. His magnum opus, Baby's Day Out. Note: This episode is recorded remotely. COVID-STYLE! But it's lots of fun!
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Jul 10 2020

199.1: COVID Catchup!

Every conversation starts with the obligatory COVID catchup? Well, us too! Listen to what we're all up to during the apocalypse, and write in your suggestions for our next episode releasing NEXT WEEK! Get your emails in now info@thatshowirememberit.com!
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Jan 17 2020

199: The Babadook – Ian Geldart and Adam Alberts

Grab your favourite cloak and top hat, sit back and listen to our version of The Babadook. They are joined by Ian Geldart and Adam Alberts of The Sonar Network's new show "Real Legitimate Anthology". Check it out wherever you get your pods!
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Nov 05 2019

197: V for Vendetta – Lee Lawson

Remember V for Vendetta? That movie where Hugo Weaving was unrecognizable because he was wearing a mask, and Natalie Portman's hair was unrecognizable because it was gone? Well we do kinda too!
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Sep 25 2019

196: Interstellar

Remember Interstellar? That movie or mind control, or friendship ... or something. Anyway listen. Or don't, who cares.
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