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That's How I Remember It

Toronto improvisers take YOUR favourite movie and re-tell the story through improv.
Jan 14 2014

006: Die Hard – with Raul Delagado

The nice guys flawlessly recreate “Die Hard”. Special Guest Raul Delgado of Gag Reflex Comedy

Spoiler Alert! Bruce Willis. Wifebeater shirts. Ellis. Ellis’ wife. That black cop from Family Matters. What more do you want in an episode? Just listen to it. Stop being an asshole.


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Jan 07 2014

005: The Fugitive

The nice guys flawlessly recreate “The Fugitive”.

Spoiler Alert! See Harrison Ford track down his wife’s killer in an attempt to clear his name. All while Marshall Tommy Lee Jones and his partner Quincy Scones are haunted by past memories of a madman, Malcolm Jamal Warner.
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Jan 01 2014

004: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial – with Nicole Dunn

The nice guys flawlessly recreate the 80’s classic, E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial. Special Guest Nicole Dunn.

Spoiler Alert! The nice guys encounter everyone’s favourite sassy wisecracking Alien, ET. See the conspiracy go all the way to the top of the US government, when the vice president is revealed to be a steam vampire. What’s a steam vampire? You’ll see. Oh,. you’ll see.


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Dec 24 2013

003: Home Alone

Christmas Special! The nice guys flawlessly recreate the plot of the preeminent Holiday Classic, Home Alone!

Spoiler Alert! See Mike clearly explain that it’s a Holiday episode, and see why John is a steaming pile of human garbage! Also, remember when little Kevin McCallister wished he was alone, and his wish came true? But be careful what you wish for little Kevin, because that wish may end with burglars stealing everything you own, and leaving their internal fluids all over your house. Forget it Kevin, it’s Chinatown.
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Dec 17 2013

002: Jurassic Park

The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate the plot of Jurassic Park.

SPOILER ALERT: The 1993 masterpiece where an unfortunate group of rag-tags end up on an island overrun with dinosaurs. See them meet the dino-king, evoke dinosaur law, and harness the power of the dino-rap.
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Dec 11 2013

001: Teen Wolf

The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate the plot of Teen Wolf.

NOTE: The audio is a bit echoey. But fear not! It’s just the first episode. We’ve corrected the problem starting in episode 2.

SPOILER ALERT: Who could forget the epic tale of young Marty, as he discovers how being an adolescent  werewolf affects his social life. His best friend Stiles struggles with a gambling addiction, as well as his own sexual identity. Boof and Fengt fight for Marty’s love.
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