That's How I Remember It

Toronto improvisers take YOUR favourite movie and re-tell the story through improv.
Jan 24 2014

007: Speed

The nice guys flawlessy recreate the Keanu Reeves “vehicle” (get it?) Speed. Spoiler Alert! Detective Keanu “elevator operator bus enthusiast”...
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Jan 07 2014

005: The Fugitive

The nice guys flawlessly recreate “The Fugitive”. Spoiler Alert! See Harrison Ford track down his wife’s killer in an attempt...
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Dec 24 2013

003: Home Alone

Christmas Special! The nice guys flawlessly recreate the plot of the preeminent Holiday Classic, Home Alone! Spoiler Alert! See Mike...
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Dec 17 2013

002: Jurassic Park

The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate the plot of Jurassic Park. SPOILER ALERT: The 1993 masterpiece where an unfortunate group of...
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Dec 11 2013

001: Teen Wolf

The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate the plot of Teen Wolf. NOTE: The audio is a bit echoey. But fear not!...
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