The Dubious Book of Famous Deeds

Host Paul Bates dismantles the British Empire one deed at a time as he guides us through history, as told by a skewed and suspect book from 1889.
Aug 01 2022

Chapter 19. Horatio Nelson, or: The Naval Gaze

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Clare Blackwood joins me for the tale of Lord Admiral Nelson: commander of the Royal Navy, hero of the Napoleonic Wars, deadbeat husband. Listen to the story of a man who left everything on the field, including an arm, most of his teeth and an eyebrow.
The Dubious Book of Famous Deeds

Chapter 19. Horatio Nelson, or: The Naval Gaze

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About The Dubious Book of Famous Deeds

One day, Paul Bates found a book in an alley. It wasn’t a magical book, but it was very old – 132 years old, to be exact. It’s called The Pictorial Treasury of Famous Men and Famous Deeds: its cover is beautiful, its language is flowery, and its tone is problematic. It’s also full of wildly obscure and preposterously inaccurate stories about people and deeds you’ve probably never heard of. And, it’s the basis for this history podcast. Each episode Paul shares a chapter with a guest and together they cut through the rhetoric, fill in the blanks and bring a modern perspective to this relic from the height of the British Empire.


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