Self Help Me

By sharing funny stories, guest interviews and wellness tools, host Dena Jackson reveals tips on how you can dissolve old emotions so you can live your best life.
Jun 11 2024

Wellness in the Workplace with BIAD

Welcome to our Wellness in the Workplace series, which showcases various organizations that incorporate wellness initiatives onsite for their staff. This episode offers you ideas on how to pitch your boss about bringing wellness into your workplace too.
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Wellness in the Workplace with BIAD

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May 28 2024

Dissolving Resistance

On our resistance episode, we look at inner and outer blocks. Dena takes some time to share an experience she...
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Apr 30 2024

Taking the Leap

On episode # 1 of Self Help Me we discuss one of life's scariest topics; getting outside our comfort zone....
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About Self Help Me

Hosted by Comedian and Motivational Speaker, Dena Jackson, Self Help Me is the podcast for all of the self help section lovers. If you’re looking to feel better, then you are in the right place. We’ll be discussing self doubt, taking risks, imposter syndrome and all of the other topics that worry us and what tools we can use to heal from these limiting thoughts. Funny stories and very real and ridiculous moments are most definitely included.


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