We're Totally (Not) OK

Toronto actors Caleigh Le Grand & Tanya Bevan explore the intersection between mass media culture and mental health.
Jun 19 2018

Ep 14: Baby Menopause w/ Annick Sheedy McLellan

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We're Totally (Not) OK

Ep 14: Baby Menopause w/ Annick Sheedy McLellan

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If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between an actress and doing hard core porn, you’re probably one of the people we make fun of in this episode. Fellow hilarious actress Annick Sheedy McLellan is some of the most powerful stardust we’ve ever had the privilege to sit and chat with. Listen to her weigh in on what it feels like to have to talk about what we do for work and let her astound you with the unknown prowess she possesses maneuvering her way through this insanely challenging industry whilst managing more invisible illnesses than she can sometimes even remember. Trust us, you’ll want to ignite your own spark after listening to this baby in menopause. Also, shout out to Saje (in our “Cool Things” ending segment, so…. sponsor us?)

Cool Things:

Lupron & Hot Flashes (because hot can be cool and you should ask your doctor about Lupron, if only to educate yourself)

Crystal Dreams (& crystals in general)

Body Scans (scan your body with your mind)

Abraham Hicks (youtube vids galore!)

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