We're Totally (Not) OK

Toronto actors Caleigh Le Grand & Tanya Bevan explore the intersection between mass media culture and mental health.
Sep 12 2018

Ep 15: B.A.B.E. Toronto w/ Macy Cheng

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We're Totally (Not) OK

Ep 15: B.A.B.E. Toronto w/ Macy Cheng

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ATTN: THIS FRIDAY is our very first #BABETRAIN interview series at an incredible event: the B.A.B.E. Toronto’s One Year Anniversary Party, brought to you by the one and only, humble and unwittingly hard-working Macy Cheng, founder of B.A.B.E. Toronto and Fashment.com.

We’ll be hosting a SIT & REPEAT — much like the step and repeat of a red carpet, we’ll have wonderful guests but they’ll actually take a hot second to answer some of our questions and introduce themselves to you via our insta live feed (@wtn_ok) from the event.

More importantly (and coming at you RIGHT MEOW), we sat down with the wondrous Miss Macy Cheng to chat about her growth, both IRL & in the digi-world; how she keeps her cool under fire; and the friendships she’s made that she never expected. (Also, how she’s essentially a professional friend, Tanya makes physical gestures you can hear over the pod-waves, and I analogously equate almost everything to superheroes).

If you want to be a real cool venue that hosts an even cooler event, get at this B.A.B.E. for her next shindig! And if you wanna catch some live footage of our hot, hot action, tap dat heart & follow on Insta: @wtn_ok Chirp @ us on Twitter: @@WTnotOK https://www.caleighlegrand.com

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