We're Totally (Not) OK

Toronto actors Caleigh Le Grand & Tanya Bevan explore the intersection between mass media culture and mental health.
Jul 01 2020

Spiritual Rocks w/ Naranjan Nota

Explicit Content
We're Totally (Not) OK

Spiritual Rocks w/ Naranjan Nota

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TW: spirituality; therapy; reframing obstacles and pain as gifts and opportunities for growth (on a large scale); feeling ‘crazy’; triggers in general.

We’re all about personal growth. Sometimes, therapy’s a part of that. For Cales, that means running, meditating, spending a third of her budget on crystals and soul-talk; for Justin, it’s pasta.

But what’s in a soul? Has anyone ever been able to aptly describe a soul? Heck, nah. Does that stop us from trying to deconstruct it in this episode? Also, nah. We interview Naranjan Nota — a spiritual intuitive — to try to understand what it means to “get deeper” and learn common issues her clients are facing in their days of isolation.

Cool Things:


Disconnecting from social media (hypocritically, of course)


Beautiful homemade postcards

Connect with Naranjan:

https://brightshininglight.com/ https://www.instagram.com/naranjan.nota/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/naranjannota/

Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz

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N.B.: This interview was recorded on May 27, 2020.

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