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We're Totally (Not) OK

Toronto actors Caleigh Le Grand & Tanya Bevan explore the intersection between mass media culture and mental health.
Oct 22 2019

Toronto After Dark w/ Lee Lawson

Explicit Content
We're Totally (Not) OK

Toronto After Dark w/ Lee Lawson

01:00:41 Download (69MB)

Toronto actress Lee Lawson is racking up the indie horrors, which naturally has us curious as to what’s been going on inside her headspace. How does she choose a role? What makes an actor “right” for a role? Does she feel like she’s hiding behind her characters or sharing the true “her”? We get deep into Jungian territory to find what similarities she might share with her characters through a collective unconscious. Oh… and if you’re on social media, you’ve got your head in a bear’s mouth. Find out how on our latest episode! And check out her film tonight at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival!

One cool things:

Lee’s: The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut https://amzn.to/2N3K9Ps

Cales’: Apphole (A meta app.) (She should probs patent this.)

Tanya’s: 23andme.com


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