We're Totally (Not) OK

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Jun 04 2019

Wannabe Balanced w/ Crystal Escobar

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We're Totally (Not) OK

Wannabe Balanced w/ Crystal Escobar

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It’s cool to know someone miles away has been reading the exact same books as you. It’s super cool to know they’ve also been so moved as to start their own podcast to talk about similar thoughts, journeys and connections. It’s even cooler to hop on the phone with them. In this episode, we share a delightful chat with mother, author, podcaster, entrepreneur, (and so much more, we’re sure,) Crystal Escobar from the Wannabe Balanced Mom podcast. Though we get real deep, it felt like we still only scratched the surface of the million things we’d love to continue chatting about with her — even after learning how she lost her religion, started meditating with crystals, and became the concern of her entire community because of her choice of underwear. After you’re done listening to this episode, go listen to Crystal’s podcast, buy her book, follow her on socials, try to be her friend — SHE IS SUCH A DELIGHT!


Fb: “Wannabe Balanced”

IG: @wannabebalanced

YouTube: “Wannabe Balanced Mom”

Podcast: “The Wannabe Balanced Mom”

Book: http://bit.ly/wannabebalancedmombook


Crystal’s: Wannabe Balanced Elephant Rocks (http://bit.ly/wannabebalancedelephantrocks) #wannabebalancedrocks

Bitty’s: LISTS!!!

Cales’: TRUE CITRINE (http://bit.ly/citrinevsamethyst) which I learned about from Crystal Cave (www.crystalcavecanada.com/)

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