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The Sonar Network is a curated collection of podcasts featuring the Funny and the Fascinating. We showcase the unique voices of Canada and the world of Comedy and Entertainment.

Our shows have been featured as Top Podcasts by The Comedy Network, blogTO, Streetcar, NOW Magazine, and The Globe & Mail.

Latest Episodes

You Made Me Queer!

Episode 32: Ajahnis Charley Makes Me Queer

Writer, actor and comedian Ajahnis Charley (Station 11) talks grandma's playlist, palm-sized cat partners and life imitating art... imitating life.
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Evil Men

E29: William Colepaugh: America‚Äôs Dumbest Spy

William Colepaugh was a lonely Connecticut kid who grew up idolizing all things German. When America entered WWII, he did...
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On a Dark, Cold Night

Episode 178: Chiaroscuro

The Nine of Swords. I just had a terrible nightmare. I have a story about an artist, with his own...
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History Defeats Itself

It’s Called a F**king Fleshlight

The crew breaks down the history of the Catholic Church.
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