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The Sonar Network is a curated collection of podcasts featuring the Funny and the Fascinating. We showcase the unique voices of Canada and the world of Comedy and Entertainment.

Our shows have been featured as Top Podcasts by The Comedy Network, blogTO, Streetcar, NOW Magazine, and The Globe & Mail.

Latest Episodes


Ep. 300.4- The 2 of Us

The Spooky Two! Today on Spooked! It's just the two of us, trying to make it in this big podcasting...
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Real Legitimate Anthology

03: Real Legitimate Apparitions

Ray's Clicks
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The Dubious Book of Famous Deeds

Chapter 11. The Emancipation of the Serfs,...

Just before slavery was abolished in the USA, tens of millions of Russian serfs also received their liberty. But was...
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Break A Wish

84 – Everyone Is Queer

We sit down with Shohana Sharmin and Trevor Campbell to discuss the wish "I wish everybody was queer" which for...
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