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The Sonar Network is a curated collection of podcasts featuring the Funny and the Fascinating. We showcase the unique voices of Canada and the world of Comedy and Entertainment.

Our shows have been featured as Top Podcasts by The Comedy Network, blogTO, Streetcar, NOW Magazine, and The Globe & Mail.

Latest Episodes

The Bed Post Podcast

Trevor from Belief It Or Not

This episode, Erin welcomes Trevor from Belief It Of Not to the Sonar Network. Listen along as they talk about...
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Belief It Or Not

Ep. 98 – Heaven’s Gate

This episode is all about Heaven’s Gate. We are talking about Marshall Herff Applewhite Jr. and Bonnie Nettles or Do...
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Killed to Death

Sarah Bennett and Burly the Boar

Frosh leader Tyler (Sarah Bennett), former student and current fan of Trent University, finds the body of an agriculture student...
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Talking to Spirits with Psychic Medium Lauren...

It's a new year and a new season of Para(normal)! On this episode Nicolina and Cody welcome Lauren Robbins, a...
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