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The Sonar Network is a curated collection of podcasts featuring the Funny and the Fascinating. We showcase the unique voices of Canada and the world of Comedy and Entertainment.

Our shows have been featured as Top Podcasts by The Comedy Network, blogTO, Streetcar, NOW Magazine, and The Globe & Mail.

Latest Episodes


A Bloody Mess: The Strange Story of...

In this episode of Para(normal), Nicolina tells Cody the legend of Mercy Brown and the New England vampire panic, which...
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You Made Me Queer!

Episode 30: Tokyo BTM Make Me Queer

YouTube superstars Tokyo BTM (Andrew and Meng) talk the Robin of tops, destination shoes and the empirical nature of hotness.
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Evil Men

E23: Lou Pearlman

As the mastermind behind the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, Lou Pearlman was one of the most powerful people in the...
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On a Dark, Cold Night

Episode 171: Lonesome Voice

The Knight of Swords (Reversed). Where should we go? Here: a tale for you about a young gentleman and his...
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