May 01 2021

NEW PODCAST: Finders Grievers

Finders Grievers is a happy-ish podcast about sad things.

Introducing our new show FINDERS GRIEVERS, a podcast about the ones we’ve lost and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Launching just before Mother’s Day, the podcast opens with a deeply moving, reflective episode focused on the host’s own loss of her mother.


FINDERS GRIEVERS is creator and host SHOHANA SHARMIN’s loving tribute to her late mother. This is a podcast about grief, discussing the people we have lost and the lessons we have picked up along the way. It’s an attempt to unpack the universally felt – rarely discussed – experience of grieving. Each week, host Shohana Sharmin will welcome a guest – writers, comedians, artists – to discuss love, loss, and everything in between. The podcast aims to highlight the often overlooked aspects of grieving, finding humour, lightness, and lessons in the pain. Sometimes they’ll laugh, sometimes they’ll cry a little bit. Both are allowed. Being a full human experiencing the full range of human emotions? Very much allowed here. Notable guests will include Jan Caruana (Mean Girls, Baroness Von Sketch Show, Rookie Blue), Allana Reoch (Kim’s Convenience, Schitt’s Creek, Quota), and acclaimed writer Catherine Hernandez (Scarborough, Audible’s Imminent Disaster).

“Society teaches us to hide our sadness and only share our “highlights reel” leaving those who are navigating grief and loss feeling isolated. I started Finders Grievers to take away some of the awkwardness and taboo that surrounds the universal experience of grief. I want to honour every part of being a human: the parts that we’re comfortable talking about and the parts that we can learn to get better at.”
– Shohana Sharmin, creator & host

SHOHANA SHARMIN is a Bangladeshi-Canadian emerging comedian, writer and theatre artist. Born and raised in Bangladesh, Shohana is a proud Muslim queer woman of colour. She is a recipient of the 2020 Queer Emerging Artist Award at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Shohana is the creator and a cast member of the critically acclaimed award-winning dark sketch comedy revue Dead Parents Society. She is an alumna of Buddies in Bad Times theatre’s 2019 Emerging Creators Unit (under the mentorship of Catherine Hernandez of b current), Nightwood Theatre’s 2019 Young Innovators program, and b current Theatre’s 2019 bcHub Emerging Artists cohort. Shohana presented her first solo show “Come Here Often?” (directed by Akosua Amo-Adem) as part of 2019 Queer Pride at Buddies in Bad Times theatre. Her written works have been published in several publications. She is a former Featured Player at the Bad Dog Comedy Theatre, and an alumna of the Second City’s Improv and Longform Conservatories. She has performed in comedy and theatre festivals across North America. In non-pandemic times, she can regularly be seen performing across Toronto with her award-winning troupe Not Oasis  (2017 The Toronto Fringe Patrons Pick, NOW Critic’s Pick). She wishes she could be more like her mother.




Finders Grievers Podcast
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Shohana Sharmin
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