About Dwarven Moss

DWARVEN MOSS began when gaming expert Tom Hodgins decided to ignite an old passion of his by playing some Dungeons & Dragons, so he recruited his friends, comedian Kris Siddiqi, and musician Jay McCarrol to play their very first official campaign. Jay, having a studio already setup in his dungeon suggested that they record their game as a personal keepsake for the group. As they listened back, they started adding more and more effects to enhance the story and before they knew it, the recording had spiralled out of control and taken on a life of its own – thus, Dwarven Moss was born. Dwarven Moss provides a unique listening experience entirely unlike other actual-play D&D podcasts. The campaign captures the hosts’ enthusiastic, improvised collective storytelling and elevates it with atmospheric effects and cinematic music. The end result is like an old fashioned radio play. It’s a story of two unlikely companions, a dwarf and a half-elf, lost together in Barovia, a mysterious land under the control of Strahd, the Dark Prince.


Leisure - GamesComedy - ImprovFiction - Drama






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