Jun 22 2017

LIVE! With Chris Locke And Nicole Passmore

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Killed to Death

LIVE! With Chris Locke And Nicole Passmore

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Live, from the historic Cameron House, a body is found in a swimming pool.

The body belongs to Flinst Bernstrom, and the pool is an ocean, at a hotel for freaks run by Craig Alliance (Chris Locke), which is in turn home to a cult operated by Hillary Flynn (Nicole Passmore), dedicated to Craig, even though Craig himself is infatuated with Hillary’s late twin (also found dead).

Such is the complex exploration that unravels, of how the relationships we make when we’re young can reverberate for the rest of our lives, and how a tangled web of emotions can have such tragic consequences. Also, they talk about the poo stuck in Flinst’s butt!

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