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  • Aug 10 2020

    Ep. 249 – Andrew Johnston

    The Spooky Baby and Pet
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  • Aug 02 2020

    Episode 56 – Girl Interrupted w/ Andrew Johnson

    We watch the 1999 female ensemble movie "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Oceans 8" Girl Interrupted with Andrew Johnston and ask the question "Why Elisabeth Moss doesn't talk about this movie?"
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  • Jun 12 2020

    Episode 150 – Our 1500th Episode

    Hi. This week, James and Michael celebrate their podcasting sesquicentennial. Then, it’s time for the debut of the exciting new segment “Things We’ve Learned From Doing 150 Podcast Episodes.”
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  • Jun 08 2020

    S2E5 – Mariah Carey (ft. Andrew Johnston)

    This former lamb has made it through the rain, and has a lot to say about it!
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  • Apr 22 2020

    The Comedian Andrew Johnston!

    Our guest is the comedian Andrew Johnston, who joins us from glamorous Brockville, Ontario to talk about living in LA and his spectacular escape from the United States of America.
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  • Jan 12 2018

    Andrew Johnston

    Andrew Johnston is a one of a kind, hilarious stand up comedian from Toronto, soon to be moving to LA. Andrew created and hosts the Bitch Salad all-female stand up comedy shows starting in the mid 2000's at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre...
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  • Nov 07 2017

    Squirrel Talk! Feat. ANDREW JOHNSTON!

    Canadian drag queens Vicki Lix and Ivory Towers are joined by Canadian comedy royalty, queer comic, Andrew Johnston! They discuss being an entertainer in Canada, getting a greencard, the gay audience, and UBIQUITY!
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  • Sep 15 2017

    TIFF Seasonal Employee Andrew Johnston

    TIFF seasonal employee Andrew Johnston stops by to dish the dirt on the celebs, films and parties that make Toronto the cinema capital of the world every September!
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  • Jun 16 2017

    Andrew Johnston And Pam

    Montgomery Tecumseth, a gaffer on the new Freaky Friday prequel, is found dead on set in the distillery district. Film actress Jamie Lee Curtis (Andrew Johnston), a noted woman in her 50's, is brought in to help, and she's in...
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